Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 8 & part of 9

Maths: Subtraction stories, adding & subtracting vertically, chain adding, doubling, measurement with variable units, fractions, symmetry, time, date.
English: Read Wet Paper series to Samina & Lisa. He is now able to read the Footrot Flats and Garfield comics out loud with expression - exclamation marks are his favourite - and he only mucks up the occasional word. Continued with handwriting text and wrote a letter to grandparents & addressed the envelopes (yet to be posted). I re-introduced the Oxford Spelling book now he is capable of doing it and he made a tongue twister with the spelling words;  Six skinny slugs skip and spin on the spot until they slip and snap. This is also to help his pronunciation of /s/ which is still very poor.
Science: Tadpole observations - they are now starting to sprout legs, and now the weather is cooler we have been walking a lot and the kids pay very careful attention to the insects and fungi we find
HPE: I spoke with the swimming teachers & they think he could join the swim club next season. He is caring for new kittens consistently. Soccer training proper has started on Thursdays. On Monday I took Kirk by himself to Bundy for the day so he received a very direct lesson in public conduct. I let him select where to go for lunch and he immediately said, "SUSHI!" ...awwww...he knows all the right things to say. Last Friday he also started Kids Club at the Community Church now that Friday soccer has finished and that gives him a greater variety of kids to play with.
Arts: We started making some dragonflies - the frames are done but we are yet to decorate them.Started on a pinata for his birthday buuuut I doubt it will dry in time.

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