Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 7

Maths: adding, shapes, introduced km & short date formats. English: Drafted a letter to grandparents about the cats focussing on phonic spellings. Continued with handwriting & reading. LOTE: Continued to practice German vocabulary with the Samina & Lisa. Art: Pencil sketch of a hibiscus, beading, collage fish, arranged art wall.

Similar model phone
This week I took the kids on my business meetings in the South Burnett. My first meeting was with Glenda at the Murgon Dairy & Heritage Museum where Kirk was able to play with the old telephone exchanges and almost a complete series of telephones. He saw the whole process of a dairy and how butter & cheese was made at different times in history. We visited a variety of buildings - the original Murgon Bank of Qld, a beautiful church, an original slab house which was very likely to have been occupied by bushrangers (as evidenced by the gun ports in the walls), a reconstructed slab kitchen-bathroom, a 1940s dairy. There was also a variety of machinery and he tried out the corn sheller which was impressively effective. I reckon we will visit every time we pass through Murgon from now on because they are always developing their display.

While in Murgon we checked out the cattle sale yards because it was FULL of cattle. It was wet weather so the pens were more like sties and the poor animals were covered in shite from the road train (obviously they were the ones on the bottom!). They were a very rough mob - a big mixture of breeds and horns all over the place - and very unhappy with their circumstances. Oh well, they're resilient so a wash and a feed should make them feel better...but somehow I suspect that lot were off to the works.

Similar model phone exchang
Following this we visited the South Burnett Western Performance Club in Nanango for their monthly meeting. Unfortunately no thrills there except the endless stream of trucks diverted from the flooded Bruce Hwy. Then we camped at the BIEDO office in Goomeri and kids drove our office staff around the bend. The SES leader from Murgon then visited us and we had our meeting in the park where the Fire Dept was rolling up their hoses after a morning call out (double car collision caught on fire) so Grant gave the kids a personal tour of the truck. Ooo! Didn't they feel special!  Finally we called in at Biggenden to sort out another client and bolted home. Ahhh... the sweet serenity of barking dogs and hungry cats!

BUT that was not the end of the week. Today was Hippy Di's festival so Kirk  listened to the bands and played drums with Sean and Isaac and generally hung out with lots of people.


  1. I was raised as a child working a telephone exchange just like the one here, except it was a double one rather than the single shown here.

    It wasn't child labour, all kids in the town and on the farms in the district had to help out in the family business. I thought I was lucky to do this rather than round up and milk cows before school every morning, especially in the freezing, foggy winter mornings!

    Yep! used a phone just like the one in the top photo too. Everyone in town had one. Only sort there was.

  2. Yep, that's what I told him! He was rapt by the old phone especially since Glenda allowed him to use it AND IT WORKED!