Thursday, April 05, 2012

Week 9 - 11

WOW! That disappeared quickly!'s always the way at the end of the month when I'm grant writing.
 I think you've basically got the picture of what we do each week (endless reading, writing & maths) so now I will just write up the highlights.
HPE: The seasons continue to turn so swimming had its last day, soccer had its first day and we had a pleasant time snorkelling with Bern & Mum & some local home edders. Kirk is enjoying kids club and is interested in the bible stories & ethics they do. Not so good at involving himself in the games and craft but I am sure that will come.
Science: The dragonfly project is slowly growing and in a few weeks I hope we will have something worth showing off. I borrowed mum's camer to take some photos but they are very difficult to photograph. So when the new camera arrives we will have to do the whole "camera man in the wild" thing.  The tadpoles are now testing their legs on dry ground so Kirk's science observations are almost finished. Bernie took him to draft stage, typing it on the computer - unfortunately he made it extremely difficult for them both by by acting as though he didn't know how. I'm finding this behaviour frustrating so I think I might try contracts.
Art: Brian taught us some pencil techniques and today we did a BRAG workshop applying various watercolour techniques and had a good look though the gallery. I was especially taken with the satirical exhibition inspired by 1950 sci-fi movies, "They Came" by Holly Green Cow and Kirk thought it was hilarious so I think we might have a go at the technique once the camera arrives. Samples soon!

Underwater Scene using watercolour and collage techniques made at  BRAG with teacher, Michelle.

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