Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week 6

This week we took our couch surfers to Bargara swimming, snorkelling & climbing around the rocks. That evening we had dinner with friends and a jam session.

Maths: Continued with adding practice, counting by various units, basic fractions (with Aunty ‘chelle)
English: As usual he is reading a wide variety of books, magazines and comics - anything he can find - and I am STILL reading a story from Kath Walker's book to him. Handwriting: Regular page a day – definitely improving with guided practice Spelling: Able to spell out words he encounters & asks assistance to decode them.
LOTE:  Learning some German from our couch surfers – greetings & numbers. I think it is time to start a note book so he can remember for when we have more from the same country.
Science: Electronic circuits:  Kirk & Justin built steadiness testers.
Misc: explored beach, visited a bat colony, snorkelling, collected shells, watched nature documentary
HPE: beach walk, swimming, soccer.
Arts: Music: learned about layering & played the drums. Arts:Applied the watercolour technique learned last week.

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