Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rest of Week 3 (3 days)

Red-backed Fairy-wren
Science: Freshwater: Kirk discovered tadpoles in the wheelbarrow so we will monitor them over the coming weeks. Gardening: We planted macadamia seedlings (thankyou Ross) one of them was directly planted with no ground preparation, the other in a large hole with a couple of old nappies for their water crystals, humus, slow release fertiliser and cow-poo liberally mixed in. Spotter's Log: We saw a few different animals but the most impressive was the red backed fairy wren.

Maths: Money, basic equations & pattern recognition.
English:  Frog books, Asterix comics and lots of random stuff.
HPE: soccer, swimming, bike riding, hanging out with friends inc. spent time with Ashley & his family selling snags for the soccer club and last night Dylan's birthday dinner (17!)

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