Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do We HAVE To?

2 years ago Qld came into line with the rest of Australia & now provides 13 years of schooling and this year the national curriculum was introduced. BUT it's a hard and disappointing. So many of the kids are too young to manage it. Yes, some are loving it, but why make this Struggle Street? Can't we give the kids who are not quite ready an extra year to grow up so that their maturity matches what they are expected to learn so schooling becomes a joy instead of constant bafflement?


  1. I see Kindy kids going off to "big school" and they look soooo young! I know my kids were ready for "learning" but not really ready for "school" at 5 (especially my boy - but in retrospect, I don't think school was ever going to be a good fit for him).

  2. Oh well, the school system does its best considering the forces which push it around but it would be nice to make enrolment more flexible.