Sunday, March 14, 2010


The Fly, a light remote-controlled hovercraft, WAS Kirk's latest toy. Predictably it is already broken so Sean made for him a Nintendon't. It is a postcard with a Nintendo display drawn on it. It is called a Nintendon't because it don't really work! Kirk finds this hilarious and he and Sean spend lots of time using it like a remote controller for a paper aeroplane or he can use it solo by imagining the games. The Nintendon't requires no batteries and costs nothing yet can provide this imaginative child hours of entertainment.Who needs electronica when one has a whole brain to play with?

Another week full of friends! We picniced at the dam, played soccer and cricket and did a lot of swimming.
This week Kirk completed a preppy math book. I don't push texts but they are helpful. e.g.While he learns matching and categorising by sorting the washing (which he can do by himself), the book decontextualises that skill and helps him understand these skills as concepts. He is pretty chuffed with himself and I am pleased he finds it easy. The preppy English however will take a lot more effort.

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