Monday, October 22, 2012


This month I must send in Kirk's progress report & the plan for 2013 to the Home Education Unit. I want to wax lyrical but I realise I'd be wasting my time because they are busy people and just need evidence of progress. This consists of 9 work samples across 3 subjects - English, maths & own choice. Last year I sent them art, so this year I'll give them science.
A quick general summary; Kirk's written composition is below the grade 2 standard but his verbal ability to compose and speak comprehensively is high. His reading & recall is excellent and his ability to "join the dots" and draw conclusions is...creative. This has carried him well with LOTE and his recall of Indonesian vocabulary is pretty good. He loves being able to communicate in other languages especially when it provokes great gales of laughter from his teacher.
His maths ability is above average but he's slow on the draw when speed counts and has trouble dealing with the pressure of competition.
Science floats his boat and his science knowledge is far above the expectations even for grade 3. His conclusions and methods are still dodgy but at this age it's more important to get the experience & knowledge in.
His understanding of health, nutrition & exercise are cruising along but his idea of a "fair game" is decidedly biased. 
Anything to do with a paint brush still receives naught but cursory attention but he enjoys alternative projects - particularly building stuff. Drumming continues as a part of jam sessions with Sankofa. However he will never need to learn drama - his sister creates enough of that for him.

Now a little of Skye...
She is the Barbie of my world.  She likes pink and pretty clothes - although denim jeans rate highly too. She LOVES music & dancing and the word "shopping" whispered at 50 feet can bring her running.  Eyelash-fluttering, toothy smiles and sugary begging are major components in her arsenal. If they fail she chucks tanties. Unfortunately Mummy is blind and deaf so we have wall-to-wall tanties throughout the week. I should just draw a little Hitler moustache on her top lip as a warning to others
Skye craves constant interaction and she is very bossy. Last week she made Reagan lie down so she could change his nappy buuut once she got his legs in the air and nappy off she realised a major flaw in her plans - NO WIPES! Fortunately Anna looked into the playrooms at just the right time and spent the rest of the day laughing. We are very lucky to have a day care mum with such a good sense of humor.
At the moment she is showing very good pre-reader skills so I am wondering if I MIGHT be able to start her reading in the next few weeks. Numbers are just starting but I am not sure if this will be a talent - I expected her to be better at counting by this age. Her spatial ability isn't crash hot either.

My children are poles apart in nature and ability which makes things very difficult for me but maybe, MAYBE, if they can ever stop fighting and trying to manipulate each other they COULD work as a very effective partnership.  I'll keep dreaming...

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