Sunday, May 06, 2012


When Kirk was young I repeated to him the many fairy tales I grew up with and when I started telling them to Skye, he decided that he was a big boy and too old for baby stories. So I figure he is ready for the darker world of the original tales.  Each era fashions its fairy tales to fulfil its own purposes and the original tales can be very hard to pin down because they were entirely oral. Fragments are found in literature (an entirely different beast) and journals but the recording of these cultural gems occurred only in the late 1700s when people really started to recognise these stories as an interesting aspect of culture.

So at the moment we are watching film versions of the tales. We often compare a modern"'Disney-isation" with an earlier version which is usually less sanitised and does not always have the happy ending of these infantilised tales and later I will dig out the earliest occurrences of the oral tales I can find and look at how they have changed. I think it is very important to understand that there are many versions of the same story - even in real life - and to is up to you to select which story is meaningful and worthy of perpetuating.

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