Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 1

A gentle start, so not a huge amount done this week.

Socialisation: Played with cousins & friends, spent time with Leo learning about France via photos & music and watched Peter & gaming club play Warhammer.
Science:  Introduction to the water cycle & concept of healthy waterways. Flooded creek observations: erosion & the animals around the creek (insects, frogs & snakes). Built a working submarine (soda bottle with a rubber band driven propeller). Electronics - rebuilt the continuity circuit and modified the circuit to accommodate a buzzer (far more annoying = more fun), started using a commercial voltmeter.
Maths: Revised year 1 math concepts; numbers to 100, count by 5s & 10s - forward & backwards. Measuring cm, 2D & 3D shapes, months of the year.
English: He read levels 1 & 2 books from Wet Paper's, Kids and Water series & Pobblebonks. I read to him: 1 story from Andy Griffith's "Just Stupid"
Grammar: Together we revised how to use full stops and he used ABC Reading Eggs which in lessons 95 to 97 taught vowel blends and the difference between vowels and consonants.
Handwriting: 2 pages from handwriting book.
LOTE: Leo is providing a lot of cultural knowledge about France & a lot of international music.
Practical Skills: Sewed a tapestry bag & assisted Sean with fencing (helpful & entertaining).
Personal Development: Used metaphor to boost confidence - watched The Little Train Who Could & read The Little Red Caboose.
Skye started to learn shapes, colours, letters & numbers.

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