Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long time...

Since returning from Gold Coast it has been difficult to bring our routine back on track, nevertheless Kirk has been working very hard at reading 2 & 3 digit numbers and simple words. Now I'm back at school teaching the odd day, I have the opportunity to compare him to the preps and he seems to be about average.

I still haven't bought him that trampoline which he thoroughly deserves but Aunty Michelle gave him Joshua's bike which thrills him immensely. There isn't a lot of flat area to ride it here so he takes it to Jorja's and rides it all day there. Rachel tells me he is managing to ride it on 2 wheels going forward but still requires the trainer wheels when cornering.

Last term we were studying space and since our trip have been fairly lax with it but as he is gravitating to anything space oriented I shall plug along with it and see how far we can push the theme. He has matured these last couple of months and I think he might be ready to learn more of the physical concepts rather than just facts.

A problem Kirk has had the last 6 months is a very slight lisp, not unusual for his age, and I have been trying to correct this and concluded its persistence was due to the lack of front teeth. A visit to the ENT said it was more likely due to inner ear fluid. Hopefully after his tonsil operation we will be able to correct this.

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