Friday, June 04, 2010

Please Mum!

For months Kirk has been nagging me for a trampoline. A fortnight ago I gave in and said that when he could count to 50 by himself he could have one. At the time he could barely get to 15, let alone 50. I thought this would buy me a heap of time but it looks like I will be forking out a lot sooner than I expected. On Monday he watched his friend, Jorja, count to 100. On Wednesday, with some help, he did it himself. No kidding. This week he has spent a lot of time asking me about numbers. Questions like: "What's a 6 and a 3 make?" (63), "What is 6 plus 3?" (9), He has also been obsessively counting everything and doing a lot of self talk about number comparisons, "8 is bigger than 6."

Note to self: material rewards WORK but forgo trampolines in the future.

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