Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Bloody Huge SUN

Currently he is hooked on the comparative sizes of our moon, earth and the sun and will tell anyone who will listen about it. Mercury is pretty dull - a bit like the moon - but Venus thrills him with its volcanoes and sulphuric acid rain. Looks like space science is a winner.

We've had a lot of friends here this week. The Edgar family came on Monday and the kids both helped rescue burrowing frogs from the sand and lug pavers for the front path. Today the 5 George kids were here for a few hours and they all played outside in the sand and on the swings.

Reading & writing is experiencing slow but steady progress. He is consistently differentiating initial sounds and rhymes. Inconsistently identifing & writing letters. Can listen to a string of sounds and make a word from it. We just do a little every day.

In maths we're building vocabulary such as more, less, fewer, most, least etc... He's adding & subtracting inconsistently. Counts well to 15. Of late he has been asking for a trampoline and today I finally said "Yes"  ...when he can count to 50. Hopefully that will buy me sufficient time to save up.

The stumbling block to counting is the "teens". English is an odd language - we have 1 to 10 and then the teens which to a child in no way resemble the first 10 numbers then we revert to using the initial base 10 nunbers.

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  1. wait till you have to explain why p u t says put but b u t says but! just give in go with the mystery - there's a lot to be said for rote learning! B