Saturday, April 24, 2010

Found Sock

We found Dad's woolly yellow sock yesterday. He lost it in Tasmania and Yvonne, being a meticulous housekeeper, remembered to give it to me when we visited. Me NOT being a meticulous housewife promptly lost it again until yesterday when it was discovered in the sewing pile. Kirk thought he would make up a story about it....
One day Grandpa was looking for his sock but he couldn't find it. Then he went to the zoo and it was there! It was being nibbled by squirrels. He was really angry and banged his foot on the ground and went into the cage and took his sock back.  [At this point Kirk fell asleep]
In the morning we stuck a couple of Harmony Day badges on it and it became a yellow eel which ate frogs and the puffer fish Nanny knitted.

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